The Royal Commission at Yanbu, and the Environment Center for Arab Towns (ECAT), with the support of Dubai Municipality and the Arab Towns Organization, are jointly organizing the 8th International Envirocities Conference 2019 entitled "Green economy and Its Role in Economic, Environmental and Social Development to Support Sustainability in Cities" during the period of 25-26 November 2019 at the King Fahad Civic Center - The Royal Commission at Yanbu – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The conference focuses on adopting and applying the strategies and policies of green economy, as well as encouraging the pioneering partnerships between the public and private sectors to adopt sustainable and groundbreaking green economy projects that necessitates the integration and incorporation of effort at all government, private and social levels. In addition, to raise awareness on the green economy concept and the principles, as well as the challenges encountering the execution and application thereof, besides, its significance for realizing the sustainable development in the Arab cities and to debate the strategies and initiatives applied by the international organizations and the United Nations predominantly. Besides, it aims at illustrating the role of the political and economic headship and the decision-makers in strategic planning and applying policies, strategies and empowering procedures in order to generate green economic programs, for preserving the environment and decreasing the carbon footprint of individuals and countries.

Conference Topics:

  • The Green Economy: The Concept, Challenges, Policies, Strategies and Legislations
  • Green Manufacturing: Challenges & Opportunities 
  • The public private partnerships for investment in the green economic projects, as well as the role played by the political and economic headship and decision-makers in applying the green investment to support the sustainability of the cities.
  • The integrated strategic planning of the green economy in the sense of the enactment of legislation, policies, action plans, as well as the integrated execution.
  • The best international practices, pioneering experiences and ground-breaking initiatives in the green economy and the circular economy 
  • Innovation, Enablement and Future Accelerators in the Green Economy.