Mr. Pieter Smeets

Mr. Pieter Smeets
Sr. Manager Industrial Sustainability at SABIC

As Sr. Manager Industrial Sustainability in the Corporate Sustainability Department at SABIC headquarters in Riyadh, I am managing a team of highly professional and motivated engineers and specialists and reporting to the head of sustainability for MEA. With the team, we will work on
1) The execution of the renewable energy program for SABIC,
2) Reducing the operational footprint of our (mega)plants, by improving the sustainability impact of new mega plants during the design phase (energy, GHG, water and material loss).
3) Climate change strategy
4) Support KSA delegations in external events like CSLF, COP, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

Since I joined the Corporate Sustainability Department in 2015, I have deepened my passion for sustainability and in particular renewable energy. I am currently leading the renewable energy program in SABIC, to procure renewable energy as part of the energy mix in KSA. Prior this, I was leading the renewable energy strategy team and successfully presented to SABIC CEO and executive management team in the sustainability council to obtain their endorsement.

My experience mentoring students during my PhD in Belgium and post-doc at Stanford University, and managing teams and projects across the globe at SABIC has strengthened my management and leadership skills. Over the past 9 years at SABIC, and especially the last 4 years in Saudi Arabia, I have developed a good understanding of working in a global company. My style flexibility and ability to work effectively with different people from different backgrounds have allowed me to be successful in different roles, in different parts of the world.